12 Rounds

12 Rounds is our Q&A segment, in which we ask people we like, know, and respect the same 12 questions.  Reading one is informative, but the really interesting part is in the different answers to the same questions.

12 Rounds With…

Scott Beattie – bartender, author

Philip Duff – bartender, trainer, and beverage consultant

Camper English – cocktails and spirits writer

Ted Haigh (aka Dr. Cocktail) – author, cocktail archeologist

Daniel Handler – author, accordionist

Denis Heffernan – bartender

The Duckworth Lewis Method – cricket-themed supergroup

Darcy O’Neil – bartender, author, chemist

Brian Rea – bartender, legend

Gary Regan – bartender, author, so much more

Hugh Williams – Master Distiller of Tanqueray and Gordon’s gins.

David Wondrich — author, cocktail historian