The Obituary Cocktail

Obituary Cocktail

Obituary Cocktail

The Obituary Cocktail
By Lars Theriot


2 oz Leopold’s Gin
0.25 oz Dry Vermouth
0.25 oz Kübler Absinthe

Place a coupe glass in the freezer.
Combine all ingredients in a mixing glass and place in the freezer for 10+ minutes.
Remove both glasses, stir ingredients gently with large ice.
Strain into coupe glass.

* * *

So you wake up on Monday morning and you check the obituary column and hey, guess what, your name is NOT in it. Yet another beautiful day stretches out before you after all. How shall we celebrate? How about a cocktail!?

An Obituary Cocktail.

The OC is essentially a Gin Martini… 2 Oz of Gin, 1/4 Oz Vermouth, and 1/4 Oz of the Green Fairy… that’s right, we’re talking about Absinthe. And if you’re talking about Absinthe, there’s one American city that’s done more to cement this spirit’s place in pop culture than any other. That city is New Orleans.

The philosophy of the Obituary Cocktail is classic New Orleans. There is even a not-so-secret society of French Quarter residents who get their name this classic New Orleans cocktail. The Society’s name, as with the drink itself, evokes images of the classic secret societies of the Deep South, but given that members are prone to wearing T-Shirts that identify them as members, the reality of this “exclusive” club is something quite different.

The full name of this secret society is “The Grand and Secret Order of the Obituary Cocktail”… and if your first question is “how can something be both grand AND secret?”… well you’ve stumbled on to the essential silliness and underlying zest for life that typifies New Orleans living… and which helped clever New Orleans barmen invent drinks like the Obituary Cocktail in the first place.

The drink, as with the Society, could only have happened here. It’s a beverage which combines New Orleans’ love of a good cocktail with its spooky, mysterious, and sometimes seedy ambiance. Imagine walking down those dark, narrow, voodoo inspired French Quarter streets in the middle of the night… footsteps echoing in the fog… no light but the flickering yellow of those natural gas lamps… it could be 2010, or it could be 1780… hard to tell… but either way it’s hard to imagine drinking anything other than an Obituary Cocktail.


David’s Notes: I hadn’t tasted this before Lars pitched it to me, but I am definitely a convert.  The stinging brace of gin combined with the botanical display of the Absinthe will certainly awaken a dead palate, if not the body in general.  We’re using white Absinthe here, so we loose the greenish color.


5 responses to “The Obituary Cocktail

  1. I really enjoy these history lessons . . . and can imagine myself walking those dark foggy quarters. And somehow feeling at home.

    Great post!

  2. Thanks Sue! Good to know we’re being read with enthusiasm!

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