Sazerac Bar Makes Playboy’s Best Bars List

There are lots of things we at 12 Bottle Bar are proud of these days… but for the moment, we can’t think of anything we’re MORE proud of than being a full three months ahead of Hugh Hefner in the taste-making business.

This week Playboy released a list of the best bars in America and New Orleans’ own, and 12 Bottle favorite, The Sazerac Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel made the list. Read here.

Congratulations to Russ Bergeron and everyone at the Sazerac for this accolade!

You may recall that after our post on the Sazerac Bar, bartender Russ checked in to fill out some more of the legend of this historic bar.  We still plan to visit Russ for a tour in the Fall and convince him to sit for a brief interview, but in the meantime, congrats to Russ and all our friends at the Sazerac… we’re proud of you, and keep on bringing it home for New Orleans, the birthplace of the Cocktail.

Now, let’s go find us a Sazerac!


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