12BottleBar Celebrates National Rum Day

Today is National Rum Day, so we’re celebrating it the obvious way — by drinking rum.  Given that we only have one rum on among our 12 bottles, that being Pusser’s Navy Rum, it’s Pusser’s that we’ll be celebrating.  This simple highball comes to us via the suggestion of FUSSYlittleBLOG, which knows its way around a proper drink.


Pusser's and Tonic

Pusser's and Tonic

Pusser’s and Tonic

2 oz Pusser’s Navy Rum
3 oz Tonic Water
Wedge of Lime

Fill a collins glass with crushed ice.
Add rum, tonic and squeeze of lime juice.
Stir and enjoy.



2 responses to “12BottleBar Celebrates National Rum Day

  1. Mondays have gotten good again! Yay rum!

  2. Those British know a thing or two about avoiding scurvy and malaria. The wise would take a page from their book.

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