Pardon our Dust

With 12 Bottle Bar creeping up on its first birthday, I decided it was time to slap on a new coat of paint and do a little redecorating.  Not only will you still be getting the same content (as well as some new cool features), we’ve made using the site a bit easier — such as finding a cocktail by “Picking Your Poison”.

There’s a good deal of work still to be done, but this moves in the right direction.  I’ve actually been sitting on the new logo for quite some time, and the plan has always been to go with a design that is reminiscent of an old newspaper or a brasserie menu with some nice, clean modern elements.  Finding a cooperative WordPress theme was the biggest challenge.  I think this one (Coraline with some custom CSS) works nicely and, love it or hate it, it accomplishes the following:

  • The new logo and unified design give 12 Bottle Bar a greater sense of identity.
  • The new slogan “Twelve Key Bottles. Endless Tasty Concoctions” encapsulates the whole purpose of the experiment, I think.
  • Photos have become a more important aspect of the posts than I ever imagined they would be.  Going forward, they will be bigger.
  • There’s easier access to finding drinks.  If you want to get specific, use the Search box and “AND” between your terms, such as “gin AND vermouth AND absinthe”.
  • Setting the stage for cool stuff yet to come.

Hopefully, you like it.  This is just the beginning; more updates are coming soon.


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