Look Cooler (and Support a Cause)

We won’t deny it, the main reason for setting up a 12 Bottle Bar Storefront is to generate a little revenue to offset our alcohol costs.  If we were to say otherwise, we suspect someone would wave a finger at us and shout “Hey, you there!”  So, there you have it — full disclosure.

Having said that, the real main reason for opening a CafePress shop was to be able to conjure up some cool 12 Bottle Bar schwag at the lowest possible cost.  In other words, we wanted to start promoting ourselves, and if you use CafePress, it’s a lot cheaper to buy stuff for yourself if you open up a store instead.  So we did.

Of course, that means other people might buy our stuff.  Realizing that, we figured we’d better make the stuff wicked awesome.  Like the women’s tee in the first picture.  Sure, there’s logo stuff up there too, but half the stuff is just for fun (like the Monkey Gland shirt).  There are also no URLs hidden on the items — if you’re going to spend your hard-earned money buying the stuff, that’s endorsement enough.

Speaking of fun, since we couldn’t leave out the junior members of the 12 Bottle Bar family, we created some special stuff to promote underage drinking — of a sort, that is.

Now, the feel good part: 30% of all the money we make will be donated directly to Action Against Hunger.  Drinking classic cocktails is a luxury.  Basic nurishment shouldn’t be.  We researched a number of charities, and Action Against Hunger gets glowing reports, as you can see here.  If we’re going to give, we want the dollars to matter.

Going forward, you can find the store link in the right-side column, under the “Mercantile” heading.

Thanks for your support.


2 responses to “Look Cooler (and Support a Cause)

  1. “Hey, you there!” lol!

    Now I know where I’m doing some Christmas shopping!

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