Black Tot Rum

I know that there are readers of 12 Bottle Bar who are wealthy. I know that there are readers that have less sense than money. I would count myself among the latter group. To both groups, I feel compelled to share this opportunity to own a piece of drinking history.

Judging by the traffic, Pusser’s Naval Rum is one of the most popular bottles on our list. If ever Pusser’s were to to be dethroned, however, it would most likely be by Black Tot Rum. On July 31, 1970, a three-hundred-year-old British naval tradition came to an end — the daily rum ration, or tot. The day became known as Black Tot Day. Pusser’s carries on the tradition by using the same wooden stills and the same recipe that made the rum on Black Tot Day and for decades, if not centuries, before. Black Tot Rum does Pusser’s one better.

Black Tot Rum is the last remaining rum consigned by the Admiralty. Given the way bureaucracies work, all the rum that was bound for the Admiralty on Black Tot Day was bottled and stowed away for the next forty years, lest someone actually drink it. Guess what? They found it and bottled it, and now we can all buy it.

At £600 ($925) a bottle.

The question begs to be asked: would I make a cocktail with it?  Damn right I would — the same way I once made a Lafite and Coke.  Because I could.  Of course, I haven’t tasted the stuff yet.  I’m hoping one of you will spring for the bottle and invite me by.

Find out more here


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