We’re Expanding

We’ve added several new top-level pages to the site. Most of these contain categorized links to various posts that we’ve done or will be doing. The goal is simply to make things easier and quicker to find.

Here’s an overview of what’s new…

Drinks Menu – Every drink we’ve done is categorize by major spirit. Rather than searching, this allows for easy browsing. It’s a great way to discover something you may have missed.

Syrups – From Simple Syrup to Grenadine, we’ve collected (and will continued to collect) all the recipes in one place.

12 Rounds – Links to all of the “12 Rounds With…” posts will be here.

Library – Links to all the featured cocktail books.

Guides – A quick place to find links to tips on buying equipment, working with ice, and what-have-you.


2 responses to “We’re Expanding

  1. Love it. Although I’m still not so sure about those online partner slugs at the top of each column. IMHO their blinding whiteness and brilliant colors seem to detract from the look and feel of the 12BB.

    Could you move them to the bottom?

    And as long as I’m going to nitpick you to death at the same time I’m offering you a well deserved compliment, I just noticed the white pixels along the border of the masthead. My own masthead is grotesque, but I’m too lazy to do it right.

    • Foodbuzz requires theirs up there. I’ll move the Foodista one down after a few days. I’m honored that they picked me, but I don’t care for the look of the badge.

      The white pixels are due to PNG-8 compression versus PNG-24 and the transparency. It’s a trade off of about 300kb in size. I put a jpeg up just now — any better? No transparency, so you do see the bg image contrast a bit more.

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