POM Wonderful Dinner Party

If we’ve been a bit quiet this week, it’s because we’re preparing our epic, earth-shattering, trumpet-sounding event for the POM Wonderful Dinner Party Contest. We were selected as one of 100 national contestants to create a dinner party around pomegranates (POM Wonderful ones, to be specific). Our party is this coming Saturday, and the whole 12BB team will be assembled, along with some other cool cats.

The interesting thing, I think, is that we entered this dinner party event as a cocktail blog, and we will be doing it under the rules of 12 Bottle Bar.  So, next week, get ready for posts covering POMtinis, POMaritas, CosmoPOMitans, Sex on the POMs, Harvey POMbangers, Long, Comfortable POMs Against the Wall, and of course, our original and exclusive Pomegranate Chelada (Light). No, not really.

It should be fun, and we’re got some pretty cool stuff planned. Stay tuned!


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