It’s Repeal Day!

“I think this would be a good time for beer.”
– Franklin Roosevelt

If you follow any cocktail blogs, you’ve probably heard that today marks the anniversary of a major event in U.S. history — Repeal Day or the day booze became federally legal again.

The 18th Amendment was in effect from 1920 to 1933, and it is the only Constitutional Amendment to have ever been repealed in its entirety.  We may be for moderation, but that doesn’t mean take away our alcohol completely.

Most classic cocktail bars are doing something special today — low price drinks, punch, entertainment, free food — so give your favorite watering hole a call to see what they have planned.  Celebrations are going on all over the world.  Our friend Adam Elmegrib is in Hamburg, Germany with a trunk-load of classic-era bitters.  Closer to home is the Repeal Day Ball in Washington, D.C.  In Los Angeles, my hometown, the Edison, the Varnish, Seven Grand, and Basement Tavern all have special events planned.  If your local isn’t celebrating, it’s a great day to try somewhere new.

We thought of offering up a cocktail, but today is no day to drink at home — get out and support a bar (any bar) and have a proper drink (any drink).  It’s the American thing to do.


2 responses to “It’s Repeal Day!

  1. God bless America!

  2. Done and Done. I had sours, sazeracs, and even a Jack Torrance to mark the occassion.

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