New Year, New Friends

If you ask us (which you don’t have to, because we’ll tell you anyway), there’s no better way to start off a new year than by giving props to your friends.  Over the past couple of months, a few new links have settled in amongst our Destinations, and it’s high time we paid them some proper attention:

Summit Sips – I first became aware of Summit Sips site because we share some readers – and I can see why he’s got such a successful thing going on over there.  Like us, Randy (the man behind it all), is fueled by a wicked streak of passion and curiosity for all things mixological.  Unlike us, he’s not bound to a finite bar (although, I am trying to convince him), which means that you’ll find a broader spectrum of well-mixed, well-presented delights over on Summit’s pages.  You’re also likely to find Randy and I sidled up to his virtual bar, debating the merits and uses of various liqueurs.  If our conversations are prone to thread-jack, I apologize, but at least you can wander off into Summit’s collections of tasty recipes and well thought-out buying guides.


Eldon Thompson – The link to Eldon is here chiefly because he was once kind enough to jump start my car.  That, and of course, the fact that he’s a hell of a guy who also happens to be the author of a successful fantasy novel series (hey, if I can’t help my friends…).  If elves and fairies are your cup of tea, you should definitely give Eldon a read.  While you drink Buttered Beere, of course.  Plus, each book comes with free road side assistance.


Fitzsu – If your tastes run toward the modern, Fitzsu is the place for you.  Run by our dear friends Fitz and Su, both the website and the physical Los Angeles storefront are bastions of the coolest examples of modernism, featuring a load of exclusive items as well as brands such as Alessi, iittala, Nava, and Rosenthal.  We’ll take four of these traditional Finnish rocks glasses, especially as there are few cooler people to drink with than Fitz and Su.


Gold Bug – The greatest place on earth is the Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford University, but as they seem disinclined to let me take their relics home with me, I turn instead to Pasadena’s Gold Bug.  Tim Burton goes steampunk is, I think, an apt description of this dark wonderland.  If we owned a physical bar, we’d have Gold Bug furnish it – there is simply nothing uncool in the place.  We spent too much time fascinated by Brian Poor’s Phoenix, which alone merits a visit to the store.


Historical Foods – If you followed our 12 Drinks of Christmas, you undoubtedly saw Historical Foods’ name pop-up a few times.  Dedicated to the noble art of bringing arcane recipes into the modern, Historical Foods is the place to turn for Christmas puddings or traditional Pork Pie.  Everything is categorized by period, holiday, and nationality, making the site ridiculously easy to navigate.  No doubt, you’ll be seeing more of Historical Foods referenced around these parts.



So, Happy New Year to you and to all of our friends.  Please be sure to pay them all a visit.


4 responses to “New Year, New Friends

  1. Good post! I’m going to check out these links (really) because hey, we can all use some cool rocks glasses and some steampunk–and roadside assistance.

  2. P.S. Happy New Year!

  3. And poetry too! This blog is genius, I tell ya, genius!!!!

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