Floods in Brisbane

We plan to get back to a normal schedule next week; the past two have just seen too much work, too little sleep, and too much nursing a wife down with the cold of the century (actually, the nursing part isn’t too much) to find the time I hoped I’d have to post.

One thing I would like to mention are the floods in Queensland, Australia.  Our friend, Jess, of Dr. Gateau, is based in Brisbane, so naturally, we checked in.  She has just arrived back in country after an extended stay aboard, and she describes the situation not unlike New Orleans post Katrina. In her words: “The amount of damage is just incomprehensible.” Fortunately, she is safe, but up to 20,000 homes are at risk, and some belonging to friends of Jess are completely under water.

If you’re interested in helping the relief effort, Jess advises that you visit the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal: http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html.


4 responses to “Floods in Brisbane

  1. Thanks for passing the word. So many times you see the photos and are just overwhelmed. Knowing someone there makes it real. Those poor people! Did you know it is illegal to deny global warming in Australia???

  2. Thanks for helping to increase awareness about the floods, David. There has been a huge showing of generosity from around the world, and now that the floods are subsiding (in Brisbane at least) it’s time to begin the unfathomably large clean-up job.

    Deana, not sure where you heard that it’s illegal to deny global warming in Australia, but that’s certainly not the case (denying anthropogenic global warming is certainly ignorant, but not illegal). Only similar thing I can think of is the law prohibiting the denial of the Holocaust in Germany…

  3. As an Australian … I have been heart broken, homesick and feel helpless being this far away from home. Thanks for helping the Aussies out … it truly is insane the amount of destruction that is happening in QLD and now also in Victoria. Hugs to all that generously given their good thoughts and / or donations.

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