12 Bottles, 100 Drinks, and No End in Sight

Once every few months, we stop to count the number of unique drinks we have on 12BB.   As it turns out, we’ve just crossed the 100 mark.  While other sites may feature many more than this, we feel compelled to remind you of our restrictive premise:  just 12 key bottles – 8 spirits, 2 vermouths, 2 bitters, and mixers – make up everything you see on these pages.

To celebrate – in the most minor way – we’ve added to the Drinks links on our home page.  You can now easily find punches, non-alcoholic drinks (just one so far – after all, we’re a cocktail blog), and other drinks (those without spirits) with the click of a button.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far.  We are, of course, just getting started.


One response to “12 Bottles, 100 Drinks, and No End in Sight

  1. I am still a ways from my 100th… so impressive to have shown us so many great drinks… especially those of us who are new to this game… and you make it soooo much fun! Looking forward to the next hundred!

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