12 Rounds With… The Duckworth Lewis Method

Somewhere in an alternate minstrelverse, Matt Gatting, in the role of Monty Python’s brave Sir Robin, is being ceaselessly tormented by the Duckworth Lewis lads’ never-ending serenade of “Jiggery Pokery”.  But, today, the gentlemen are here.  Well, by today, I mean roughly a month ago, when they answered their 12 Rounds, and by here, I mean London’s fabled Abbey Road Studios, where they were putting the finishing touches on the forthcoming Pugwash album, “The Olympus Sound.”  They were, however, kind enough to take time away from their busy record-mastering business to answer our probing questions.

Of course, if you haven’t read all about the DLM, please go do that first.  Then, go buy their album (it gets 5 Stars on Amazon, was nominated for Best Album of the Year, and is only $6.99 – less than the cost of an $8 haircut!). Then, pick up the just-released (June 24, 2011) Pugwash single, “Answers on a Postcard”. And, of course, follow them @duckworthlewis or @ThomasWalsh1, friend them, and visit their website.

Once you’ve completed all of the above, you may sit back, well versed on the DLM, DLM drink in hand, and enjoy some rockstar ridiculousness from the world’s top cricket pop group:


01) What inspired your interest in cocktails? 
Well Bottley..our interest in cocktails would stem from our interest in having a good time. In the seventies in Ireland cocktails were as rare in the household as good wallpaper and of course we couldn’t have them because we were only 8 years old or so..!! But..as the 80’s stormed in and the world started to shrink, people began to feel an attraction towards brightly coloured things. I.E – Rubiks Cube, shirts, Hair and of course Cocktails. Who could not get a slight quiver in the liver when you’d see a pink alcoholic drink with an UMBRELLA in it..!! Madness I tells ya’.


02) What was your first formative cocktail experience?
Mine..me being Duckworth, was Pina Colada’s on the banks of the Nile watching the sun dissapear rapidly over the glorious West Bank mountain range. Bliss. Though that night I did spend 4 hours on the toilet after eating a ‘Street’ Kebab off a man with a dangerous moustache.


03) What is your all-time favorite mixed drink?
We must pay tribute at this stage to the ever wonderful summer cricketing refreshment that is PIMMS. Are we allowed to mention a rival Bottley? (We are referring to you affectionately in this interview as ‘Bottley’ pronounced ‘Bott-Lee’)


04) Favorite place to drink?
The mouth. It really helps the flavour.


05) If you don’t know the bartender, what do you order?
His execution by firing squad..!! Bounder.


06) If you could make any drink with the 12 Bottles, what would you make?
We’d get the said 12 bottles, paint them green, stand them on a wall, hit cricket balls at them and the ONE green bottle that remained would be downed by sunrise. (This is getting silly!! Apologies Bottley and readers.)


07) If you could replace any one bottle with another, what switch would you make? And why?
Ahh..the old switcheroo eh? I think the stupidity of the previous answer pretty much negates this question. Apologies again…..”COME ON LEWIS, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER”…..”SHUT UP DUCKWORTH..!!”


08) Outside of the 12 Bottles, what should people make an effort to try?
They should try to get along with one another and live in peace and in prosperity of body and mind…..whilst getting drunk on cocktails.


09) If you could only have one mixed drink for the rest of your life, which would it be?

DUCKWORTH : Rum & Coke.
LEWIS : Gin & Tonic.


10) With whom (living, deceased, or fictional) would you like to most share a drink?
I think between us we’d have no problem raising a glass, raising the wrist or tipping the elbow with Jeff Lynne, John Lennon & Harry Nilsson, Scott Walker and Eddie from Frasier.


11) On which one item should the home bartender splurge?
Bar nuts!! As Norm from ‘Cheers’ once said “Women..? You can’t live with them…..pass the bear nuts”


12) One piece of advice for the home bartender…
Never expect a tip as basically all your friends are tight gits..!!


Ahhh Bottley..we thank you, The Duckworth Lewis Method’ that is, for putting up with our inane Paddy chatter and for being such a kind and caring man with a bloody great talent for the fusion of the forbidden firewater..!!

Slainte!! (Irish for CHEERS!!)

Ducky & Lewis.xx



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