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Mixology Monday Roundup

August’s Mixology Monday has come and gone, and it’s time to take a look at all of the entries. Our theme for the event was “Come to Your Senses” and the goal was to create a drink that inspired a sense beyond just taste alone. Which sense – or how many of them – was up to each individual participant. The reasoning behind the theme was to gain some insight into what people find exciting about cocktails and to collect ideas on how any drink might be taken to another level.

As a former screenwriter, one of my favorite sentiments concerning that profession is that “the hardest part is coming up with synonyms for run.” In mixography, there are only so many times you can talk about how delicious a drink is, so I at least – but I hope I’m speaking for all those who participated – was more than pleased to break out some fresh adjectives. Without further ado, here’s the roundup (in order of submission):

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Of Toast and Toasting

Like so many key moments throughout history, it all happened because of a pretty lady and some damned fool hitting on her.  Actually, there were two men, but one of them was a little more chivalrous about his intent.  The moment in question is the proclaimed origin of the term “to toast” – as in the thing you do to a bride and groom – and how it derived from the breakfast item of the same name.  Here’s how the story was recounted in the June 4, 1709 edition of The Tatler:

“But many of the wits of the last age will assert, that the word, in its present sense, was known among them in their youth, and had its rise from an accident at the town of Bath, in the reign of King Charles II.  It happened, that on a public day a celebrated beauty of those times was in the Cross Bath, and one of the crowd of her admirers took a glass of the water in which the fair one stood, and drank her health to the company.  There was in the place a gay fellow, half fuddled, who offered to jump in, and swore, though he liked not the liquor, he would have the toast.”

This cad, half fuddled though he may have been, possessed enough wit to be credited with the invention of a bit of civility that, in fact, predated him by more than a millennium.    No, to find the true origins of toasting, we’ll have to go back to the Romans. Continue reading

12BB to Host Mixology Monday (August 15th)

The event roundup cane be found here.  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Since we’ve finally gotten our act together and have been participating in Mixology Monday these past few months, we felt it only proper that we actually invite everyone over to our place for a round.  That said, come one, come all to next month’s Mixology Monday, hosted here at 12BB, on August 15th.  As is the case for each event, the hosting site gets to choose the theme, and we’ve picked the ever-so-vague-yet-commanding “Come to Your Senses!” Continue reading